Reward System

Reward System

Who is eligible for the Nepse Book rewards system?

Need to be a Nepali Citizen or Non-resident Nepali. Any verified user and their pages are eligible for a reward system.

How do I get rewarded?

You can earn through affiliate members program ( ), or create a status ( or you can earn by writing a blog (, in Nepse Book.

Will all my blogs are eligible to get credited?

Users can publish blogs on desired topics Every blog will be published on a user profile. However, to get listed on the Nepse Book blog under different categories; the blog has to go through the approval process from the Nepse Book blog editor team. Once they get approved from the Nepse Book blog department, user blogs will be listed on blog categories and are also eligible to earn a credit system. However, all the blogs regardless of approval can view the post.

What do we want to achieve from the rewards system?

We want to support the effort of creative content creators of any form and make a small effort of monetizing their effort of creating accounts. We want to encourage creativity through our platform.

How do I make use of my credit points?

You can either sponsor your business ads in the Nepse Book platform ( or can transfer the equivalent credit balance to your friends or family through Nepse Book account.

What do I do when I do not receive points?

The system is fully automated and if you are not receiving points then your account might not have been verified or has been restricted by the system. Please verify your account. For support please message directly from Nepse Book messenger. Book

Do Nepse Book points expire?

Until and unless you are verified users and not involved in cybercrime activities your credits points will not expire.

Can I calculate my Nepse Book Points? If yes how?

You can directly go to to check your Nepse Book points. And, the equivalent balance can be checked from

Can I transfer my credit points to other verified users?

No, you can’t transfer your balance with anyone. You can only withdraw it through eSewa and Khalti accounts. But, You should be a Nepse Book verified user.